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Zug Christmas rocks

I am sure you are all very busy these days. Finishing up with work before the holidays, doing Christmas shopping, preparing for any out-of-town trips. Therefore I will keep this post short and to the point.  I have created a few fun things to get you into the Christmas spirit, starring Zug in all of them. What exactly? Let’s see… ZUG CHRISTMAS FILTERS This is my very favorite one! If you are on Instagram, you can turn yourself into a cute Santa Claus with my Zug Christmas filter. The filter is visible to all people who follow the

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Zug Videos from the Photo Contest

I will start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU.  To all of you who submitted photos, who voted, who sponsored the Zug Photo Contest.  You made it a huge success.  As I posted on Instagram, there were 5000 votes, 20000 views, 140 photos, 10 winners.  On top there were dozens of Instagram stories and lots of views and likes on Facebook.  I have created 3 Zug videos with all your photos.  3 Zug videos, one for each reason why Zug it is so amazing.  The sunsets.  The nature.  The city and its people. Enjoy them.  Share them.  Invite your...

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Zug rocks remixes

You loved the original. Hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of comments and likes and reshares. Lots of love from you, so I have to give back. Or at least to entertain you further. Thus I created a few Zug rocks remixes. For every mood. Some more lounge, some more party. From talented DJs around the world. I just posted them on YouTube.  My label already made them available in all digital platforms. After the YouTube videos, I have included the links to the most popular platforms.  You get them all as an album or just the one you...

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Zug Quiz – How much of a Zuger are you?

Take the Zug quiz.  Tell me on Facebook and Instagram what you think.  Share with your friends. ZUG QUIZ As a pedestrian, are you waiting for the green light to cross, even if the street is empty for miles?  Of course! It is the right thing to do. I am used to it.  Most of the time. Unless I am in a hurry. Like running to catch a train or a love at first sight.  Never. I am faster than the Zug drivers anyway. Do you “Gruezi” everybody when you get out in the morning, even before having coffee?...

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Zug rocks song – YOUR hit!

Did I expect the Zug rocks song to be such a hit?  Why lie?  Yes, I knew it would be noticed.  To that extent?  No.  Over 120,000 views and over 1000 likes and shares?  Creative arrogance and wishful thinking have their limits.  I am humbled, honored and super happy with all the love and support that came my way.  If I made people smile, laugh, sing…  If I made people feel proud or if I give them another way to invite friends over…  If I made people to feel nostalgia about our Canton…  hey, it was all worth the...

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