Me, welcome to Zug.  I just arrived to Zug.  So the “welcome” is first to me and then to everybody else who also just showed up here or is thinking of coming here.  For a visit or forever (although nowadays this “forever” doesn’t last long, think of your love life for example).

I started my first post with “Me”, I continued by using “I” as the first word of the second sentence and I kept the main point of the third sentence to be again about myself.  But I am not a selfish person.  All this self-centering is serving the kick-off reason of this blog.  Like most of us these days, I have been around the block, the one called earth.  I have moved to several corners of this planet.  I have to admit that Zug is a special place.  For so many reasons.  I will not give them yet.  Not even one.  Not only for motivating you to read the next posts, where I will playfully explain each one of them, but mostly because I know deep in your hearts you agree.  OK maybe not so deep.

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So why?

Continuing to serving the main reason of this post, pls find below what I will cover in the coming days, months and years (I’m here to stay and don’t take it as a threat).  I hope some of the below will be of interest to you, so you come back regularly.  Please come back regularly, I will cook for you!  And I am a good cook.  And I mean it.  Not the good cook bragging, but that I will cook for you.  The ultimate reason for typing for hours, doing all the digital formatting, and posting my life is to make friends.  What more natural and legitimate for a single person (yes, single, clap or cry for me, Ar-Zug-ntina) to want to make friends in a new place?

Right, what I will cover:

– what is special indeed in this little corner of the beautiful universe versus what I have experienced till now.  Always with a sense of humor.  Often successful.  Sometimes less.
– what I like from where I go, what I see.  No intent to promote any businesses, but this might be useful to other newcomers or even to you that spend more time on Netflix than going out.
– Netflix of course.  I might have watched everything on there, I have some good pointers.
– news about what’s happening in Zug, that I find worth sharing.  Totally, there are already much better news broadcasters, just to manage your expectations.
– other random things, which are Zug related and caught my attention.  Recipes, art, interviews, tips, etc.
– discussions.  I mean that I love sparking discussions among us, getting people’s views, learning from them.

What I will not do:

– write about what I do not like.  This has never been the focus of my life.  I am a strong advocate of positive vibes and I will not put any negativity to this universe.  Many others do a great job for that.
– insult, criticize, censor anybody with my posts or comments.  Kinda obvious, but how many times people have deleted your comment or have been rude when to you when you disagreed with them?  Just saying…
– publish more than a handful posts per week.  I do not want to bore you or myself (I do not talk to me all the time), nor pollute your already dirty walls (check with your household help if they can do anything about them).
– have sex for money.  Bitcoins are an exception.