The alarm clock went off at 7am.  7am on a Sunday. No sane people do that.  But these 5 people, we did that.  The other 4 are my friends.  And we all did that with joy.  We set it up with joy the night before I mean.  Because the purpose was sacred.  Of course, the actual reality at 7.01am had less joy and more swearing.  But hey, we had all agreed to that day trip and the result would be so rewarding.

We were all late.  John was the worst.  Typical.  Cate was driving.  The first 30 minutes were quiet.  Focused on the downing the coffee and the croissants we got to go from Starbucks.  Soon enough, that early morning road trip turned into a party.  John was responsible for that.  He sat next to Cate and played the role of the DJ.  This justified him taking the codriver seat while he is smallest of all of us.  OK no complaints, Cate’s car is big and we were fine the three of us at the back.

That party was way too happy for so early in the morning and for such a confined space.    Too happy and too shallow.  We were all signing with all our hearts (yes, we do have) potentially the shallowest lyrics ever.  I am as proud of that as of my Coke Zero addiction.

Fergie – Labels Or Love Lyrics
I know I might come off as negative
I be looking for labels, I aint looking for love
But relationships are often so hard to tame
And Prada dresses never broken my heart before

Shania Twain – Ka-Ching Lyrics
Lots of diamond rings
The happiness it brings
You’ll live like a king
With lots of money and things

Jimmy James – Fashionista
Kenneth Cole, Michael Korrs
Mr. Ford I can’t afford
D&G and BCBG
Looking good is never easy
Alexander Perkovich
Naomi Campbell such a b*tch

When we arrived at the discounted Temple of the Brands, we found lots of people lining up outside stores that would open at 11am.  Lots of gays.  More gays than a Lady Gaga concert.  More fashionable than the Lady herself.  After noon, the crowd became more mainstream, since the families prioritized their lunch over their passion for brands.  Not the gays.  After all, they do not eat that much to fit in the slim fitting couture.

Indeed there were great deals.  An average of 40% off on almost everything and then another 30-70% off on top this month.  That’s why this post is urgent.  You have to go now till March 3rd, because the discounts are deeper than usual.  We took our bargain hunting very seriously.  We split the minute we arrived.  It was a solo, focused, determined project for each one of us.  And it worked well, given the damage we all achieved to our balance sheet, with just a handful of mishaps:
– I found two pair of shoes that I liked at 70% off, but size 45 and 46.  It was that exact moment I looked up and challenged the our Creator why my feet were not that big.  I would benefit from this great deal and furthermore I would be taller.  Plus some other benefits.
– Cate almost fought with a feisty Italian girl over a Burberry coat.  That poor girl had no chance.  Cate can be very intimidating by just looking at you.  She always gets what she wants.
– Natalie had to share the fitting room with another two girls at Dsquared2, that both of them did not wear any bras. (are bras out of fashion these days?)
– The sales assistant at Calvin Klein had a crush on Jovanna.  He was very cute she said and she enjoyed his flirting, but he had to cut him short and leave, because she had another 5 stores on her list for the day.
– John slipped in front of the Dolce & Gabbana store, fell down and hurt his ankle pretty bad.  He felt so embarrassed when the store staff ran out and took him inside.  I think it is more embarrassing the fact that when they asked him if he was OK, that he answered that he is fine as long as he is not swollen so he can try the snow boots he saw at the window.    

We shared all these gracious highlights of our individual shopping sprees, when we have a late lunch at Lake Como.  And this is a great bonus to the shopping trip.  Como is beautiful, lively and has lots to offer on top of the views.  Amazing restaurants, a picturesque old town and even a market that stays open till late on a Sunday.  Jovanna on our way to the car bought a faux fur coat within 3 minutes.  I timed it.  She said it was a great deal and I believe her.  However we told her that she would have to wear it right then and there, because there was no space in the trunk.  It had taken us half an hour to consolidate, get rid of boxes and try all possible spatial combinations to fit all the bags in the porte-baggage.  But we managed.  Just.  An extra box chocolates would have to be hosted on our laps.  Imagine a fur coat…

The way back was less wild and interactive than in the morning.  Not only we were tired, full from the family size portions of Italian food, but also concerned.  Concerned that someday, not that long in the future, the credit card bill would show up and all the shallow lyrics above would be replaced by what was already playing on the radio.

The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life
Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to the money then you die.

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