It is rather a grey Monday morning and I am passing through Metalli, off to get my morning tea.  And yes, although the sky is grey today, the city mall is not.  It is full of colors, smiles, noise and energy.  All this coming from a handful of booths, with kids standing in front or behind of products.  Fun and innovative products, kids full of enthusiasm, with a spark in their eyes.  Their energy was magnetic.  I approached the first booth and started asking questions.  Real questions, but with kindness and genuine interest, with respect as well as a parental attitude.  Because this is how we should treat kids, right?  Ours or not. 

– Good morning.  Are you selling these?
– Yes, we are for that price.. and this is what the product does…
– Why are you selling?
– Because we made these.
– You made these?
– Yes we made these.
– What do you mean you made these?
– It is our product from beginning to end. 
– You thought of this?
– Yes, we thought of this product idea.
– And the design of the packaging?  Of the logo, of the brochure?  Of the selling line?
– We did it all ourselves.  Even packing the products.
– Why?
– To learn, to practice, to try out our ideas.
– Are you making profit?
– If you buy, we will.  Will you buy?
– What will you do with the profit?
– We will offer it to XYZ good cause.  How many will you buy to help us?

I was in awe.  I bought at least a pack from all of them.  Do I need all this stuff?  No.  But I need to live in a world where people make their dreams come true.  In a world where kids get all the help they can get, in order to set them up for success.  I need to make sure that we offer them exciting projects that keep them away from less constructive activities (we all know what I mean, it is not worth mentioning them).

The products were innovative, truly fresh ideas.  Of high quality and full of swiss pride.  They were pure and aiming for good.  Either for health or the environment.  They had all the qualities that kids have.  They represented all the beautiful values that kids stand for, spontaneously and genuinely.  The products were somewhat expensive, because they are handmade and for the moment created at small volumes.  It is inevitable.  But hey, these products and these kids are ready to change the world for the better and this is priceless. 

Let’s get to the juicy part now, where we get to meet these talented young entrepreneurs and their amazing offerings.  I will do it in alphabetical order, because they were all equally exceptional and they do not deserve any other ranking.

ecoplex logo

They say:

Every year more than 12.7 million tons of plastic land in the oceans. A small but not insignificant part of it are disposable straws. At Ecoplex, we want to prevent this and therefore offer a reusable alternative.  Our plexiglas drinking straws are just the replacement for you with their long life and sustainability.

ecoplex insta I say:

Data based presentation for this innovative product.  I loved the colorful brushes and the dishwasher compatibility.


kiwicha logoThey say:

We want to give customers a tasty, healthy and energetic start to the day. Kiwicha achieves absolute top performance in all three aspects above. With the Swiss raspberries and the dates that are mixed with the kiwichada, the muesli with its nutty crunch looks like a little firework for the taste buds. The increased protein content and the absence of added sugar as well as harmful palm fats again underline the health aspect of our cereals. With work and dedication we want to bring our muesli closer to Mr. and Mrs. Swiss and affirm the controversial expression “healthy – yet tasty” with our product and provide everyone with a healthy breakfast option.

kiwicha instaI say:

One of the most professionally presented booths that big corporations would be jealous of.  The colors, the logo from Peru, the business cards, everything.  Their retail presence matched their top quality product.


pandup logoThey say:

Our straws have been produced with lots of friends, environmentally friendly. You can buy them with a clear conscience, because you are involved in the purchase of our tubes directly to environmental protection. These tubes are biodegradable and are perfect for a nice evening, because they look great. So that the perfect color combination between drink and tube takes place, we have 2 different colors. Once in red / white and once in black. Buy our product and make a small contribution to environmental protection directly.

pandup insta

I say:

What more do I need to say?  Other than that these straws put the fun in funtastic gatherings and you are helping this world to last a little longer.


snax logoThey say:

Our company produces high-quality, handmade bars that provide a healthy supplement to any nutritional style. For the production we use only natural ingredients, this leads to an excellent taste experience, which is healthy at the same time.

snax insta

I say:

Amazingly tasty bars that I wanted to keep for the gym, but I ate them all right after I opened the pack to have a little piece. 


zahburstli logo

They say:

A startup based in Zug, Switzerland.  Follow us on our journey: replace your plastic toothbrush with a wooden one.

zahburstli insta

I say:

This toothbrush is a comfortable, effective and a beautiful deco item on your sink.  Environmental friendly goes without saying.



zugi logo

They say:

The ZUGI is a drink made of cider and spoiled with elderflower. In addition, most of the beverage is water. The ingredients come from the Enikerhof in Cham which also produces the regional Zuger drink.

zugi insta

I say:

I am proud that these kids created the first Zug drink that is so yummy, has a beautiful reusable bottle and a logo that is so on equity for the canton.


This is just a sample of the work that YES, the Young Enterprise Switzerland, offers from super young entrepreneurs around the country.  

yes logo

They say:

YES is a non-profit organisation which develops and supports practice-oriented business training programmes for students, with the aim of interlinking the economy with schools. The focus lies on young people, who are enabled to develop an understanding for social and economic relationships, to be entrepreneurial, and to become persuasive as individuals. Our programmes prepare students to become responsible in order for them to find their way in the global economy.

I say:

Click on the links above.  Browse their products.  Get to know this exceptional talent pool.  And buy their products.  Indeed, they are the best value in the market.  The products work because these kids worked hard.  They are doing us a favor with their spirit and effort.  The future is bright.  Theirs and ours, thanx to them.

One last thought:  I love all of the above.  I am proud for them and their parents and teachers.  At the same time, let’s make sure that they stay kids and they enjoy this phase of their lives as they deserve.  Being happy, stressfree and innocent.