Did I expect the Zug rocks song to be such a hit?  Why lie?  Yes, I knew it would be noticed.  To that extent?  No.  Over 120,000 views and over 1000 likes and shares?  Creative arrogance and wishful thinking have their limits.  I am humbled, honored and super happy with all the love and support that came my way.  If I made people smile, laugh, sing…  If I made people feel proud or if I give them another way to invite friends over…  If I made people to feel nostalgia about our Canton…  hey, it was all worth the effort.

So I got lots of requests for the song.  So it took me like a whole week for the Digital Distribution.  Now it is everywhere, iTunes, Google Play, Apple music, Amazon, Shazam, Spotify, Deezer, etc.  At a price they decided.  Pretty much around a dollar.

I got lots of love from you and I have to give it back, in order to keep the balance in the universe.  So the profit of the song sales will go to Zuwebe.  I love what they are doing and I want us to support them.  They make the lives of people with disabilities even more beautiful.  Check out their site, soon I will dedicate a whole post on them. 

I will spare you the sales pitch, why to buy it.  You do what you want, what feels right for you.  And hey, if you still want the mp3 or the video and you do not want to pay, just email me, I’ll send it to you for free. Thank you and I love you all.

Pretty much you can type Zug rocks in any store and the Zug rocks song will pop up.
Still these are the direct links where you can find OUR Zug rocks.  That’s right.


itunes link

google play link

deezer link

shazam link amazon link spotify link