Free Zug.  No, the canton is not in danger of a hostile takeover.  Not free Willy or free your mind.  Well, both too, but this post is about the even better meaning of free.  As in what is for free at Zug, what costs nothing.  Why?  Why write about free stuff in Zug?  Well, by now you know that I write about what we all care and we care about the free stuff, no?  But the truth is that this is my answer to a challenge I was given last Saturday. 

I had a debate about how expensive Zug is.  OK I did not debate that exactly.  My point was that somehow the value equation is right in our canton.  And at some point I said that there are even free stuff.  So Giovanna said that she will pay for all my Espresso martinis next weekend, if I find more than 5 things that are free here.  A couple more from my gang challenged me that I will not be able to find even 3.  So let’s ignore for a moment the lack of trust in my abilities by my own friends and let’s see what I came up with.  If you come up with more, then I will share my free Espresso Martinis with you!



Free Zug internetI do not pay for Wifi at home.   Quickline has this Basic Internet plan where you can surf the web for free with 2Mbps speed.  It sounds slow, but Netflix works fine on Smart TV.  And I got the modem for free too.  More here



Free Zug Laundry I do not pay anything for using the washing machine and the dryer in the building.  In Geneva, I had to recharge a card and pay for every load.  In my building, I have a blue and red thingy that I stick to the wall and the machines work for free.  Pretty nice, no?  How is it in your building?



Free Zug MuseumsThe admission to the Museum Burg Zug is free the first Wednesday of every month.  The Museum of Pre-History is free every Sunday and on public holidays.  And the visit to the visit to the Clock Tower (Zytturm) is always free.  More here.



Free Zug Welcome giftsWhen I registered at the commune here, I received a voucher for a free tour of the canton with my family.  Plus 10 free transportation tickets.  Plus the pills in case of a nuclear incident.  OK, I was not that thrilled about this freebie, but then I would get pissed off if I had to pay 500CHF in order not to end up like Cher in Silkwood.  I’m just saying…  More here



Free Zug bikesApparently there are 9 bikes that one can use for free if they have a blockchain-based digital ID.  More here.   



Free Zug festivals

A lot of fun events are taking place in the city, which are absolutely free.  For example:
– Fasnacht
Lake Festival
  Zugsports Festival
– National Horse Show
– Summer Open air concerts at Landsgemeindeplatz.
More here.



Free Zug Health daysNot happening in 2019, but back in 2010.  Free advice on health related matters, plus Pilates, Self Defsnce, Tai Chi, Yoga, TRX and many more classes for everyone to experience.  All for free.  More here.


BADISFree Zug badis

This is the beaches, swimming areas around the canton.  They are all for free.  In other cantons you have to pay, a few francs, but still.  Here they are for free. 



Free Zug taxesThis is a sensitive topic, but hey, I read this in a few sites.  A married couple with two kids and an income of up to 80,000CHF, then the canton tax rate is around 0% (maybe they pay 300CHF).  I am not a couple and I have no kids unfortunately, so I will not comment on the financial prosperity of such a setup, but taxes are almost free indeed.  More here.  


So I made it to 9 items.  I am missing just one to make it the 10 Free things of Zug.  HELP!!

Did you find an interesting Freebie for you in this list?

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