Spring seems to be here and summer will be coming soon… probably.  Yes, we do have summer in Zug. It’s nice, quite hot and not so long, so you won’t get bored, of course! First thing that comes to my mind when I say summer is… Ice Cream, what else! Being raised in Italy, I’m used to eat it all the time during the whole year, therefore I might consider myself a kind of expert.  So let’s see what our wonderful “Kanton Zug” is offering us and where we can taste the top-quality artisan Gelato.

Quick guide for the Zug ice cream, before discovering the best spots: the average cost of a “Kügel”, one ice cream ball, is CHF 3.50, but I must admit the portion size is pretty satisfying.  The ice-cream, better known here as “Glacé”, can be served in a cup (Ein Becher) or in a cone (mit Waffel).  Mit Waffel, bitte!  Don’t forget the “bitte”, even if you order in mandarin or swedish, it generates smiles both ways.

Zug city


dieci zugLandsgemeindeplatz 11 / Seeweg, “opposite pedal boat rental”, 6300 Zug
Probably the most famous “Kiosk on the lake” in Zug. Offering 25 different flavours of Zug ice cream, 100% natural, without preservatives.  My favourite (weird for some) combinations: Cioccolato + Fragola or Limone + Vaniglia

il gusto zugNeugasse 24, 6300 Zug and directly on Landsgemeindeplatz.
The main snack bar opened last year, serving a delicious homemade gelato with the lovely ice cream cart in a small corner of Landsgemeindeplatz.  My favourite: Mango and Raspberry, all super fresh.

speck zugAlpenstrasse 12, 6302 Zug
There are three Confiserie Café Speck: Metalli, am Bahnhof, near Pickwick, with a special mention of the Gelateria Am see, the very well-known Kiosk on the lake, offering 24 different flavours.  My favourite: Speckli and Cherry.

bachmann zugIndustriestrasse 13b, Metalli, 6300 Zug
Home made ice cream, fruit varieties contains 60% of fruit, pure vitamin bombs, as they say.
My favorite: several fruits, but also their expert chocolate.

bob's food store zugUnter Altstadt 6, 6300 Zug
Located in a hidden corner of Landsgemeindeplatz, this small local fine shop is also specialized in excellent imported Italian food, with a wide range of coffee and tea qualities.
My favourite: Mountain ice cream, feeling like being in the alps!



hotz rust baarSchutzengelstrasse 18, 6340 Baar
The main shop of three is in Baar while they also have in Zug and Rotkreuz. Originally it’s a well-known and appreciated bakery, but also a nice café offering a very good artisan ice cream.  My favorite: Stracciatella!


cafe luzia chamDorfplatz 4, 6330 Cham
Very Italian with a wide offer of ice cream cups and several serving sizes.  My favorite: pistachio.

hofladen zug
Don’t forget to visit all the various Bio Hof or Hofladen in the surroundings, the local farm shops, offering the freshest “frish vom Hof” ice cream, directly produced by the glorious Swiss cows!  The logo above will take you to map with all the locations in the Zug canton.

sprungli zugBahnhofplatz, 6300 Zug
Delicious, but not artisanal.  Nevertheless this famous “chocolaterie” is selling amazing mini ice cream tubs with so many different flavours. My favourite: Gran cru sorbet au chocolat, Sour cherry Chocolate sorbet and Passion fruit-Vanilla.

Finally many restaurants and cafes are offering the famous Coupe Dänemark, coupe Spaghetti or Banana Split during the day.  Löwen restaurant, for example, in Landsgemeindeplatz, or Hafenrestaurant, with nice lake view.

@swissmarty (guest author, Italian food passionate amateur expert)


I loved Marty’s post.  Indeed for such a delicate topic I wanted to have an expert covering it.  And an Italian was the obvious and spontaneous choice.  Her writing is as impressive as his warm and smart personality.  A blog is about connecting with people, making friends, sparking discussions, getting to know each other and our canton.  Therefore I thank Marty for her engagement and generosity to share her views with all of us.  If you are passionate too about a topic that interests all of us living here, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Zug.rocks when we create stories and moments together.  Now I let you go look for a delicious Zug ice cream at one of the above spots or else where…. zug ice cream

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