I will start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU.  To all of you who submitted photos, who voted, who sponsored the Zug Photo Contest.  You made it a huge success.  As I posted on Instagram, there were 5000 votes, 20000 views, 140 photos, 10 winners.  On top there were dozens of Instagram stories and lots of views and likes on Facebook.  I have created 3 Zug videos with all your photos.  3 Zug videos, one for each reason why Zug it is so amazing.  The sunsets.  The nature.  The city and its people.

Enjoy them.  Share them.  Invite your friends to see them, and most importantly to come back to Zug to experience magical moments with you at one of the most picturesque cantons.

This is the video with the winners and the sponsors.  The 13 photos with the most votes gave 10 winners to enjoy a fun evening at the Top 10 bars of Zug.  Why 13 photos and 10 winners?  Two winners had 2 photos in the Top 10 plus there is also my best friend who made it in the Top 10 but he gets nothing.  I know, nice friend I am, but I had to keep the contest as clean as possible.


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Stay tuned because lots more contests, rewards and freebies are on their way.

Zug rocks because you rock!