(Golden city submitted by Gabrielle at the Zug Photo Contest)

There are two things that people ask me all the time since I started zug.rocks. One of them is this (in their own words): “For real? You like Zug so much? You like everything here? There is nothing you hate?”. Fair question. I understand that I might come across as Santa Claus on Prozac at Christmas in Disneyland! That happy. Or the village idiot. You choose.

While I have deleted the H word from my vocabulary, indeed there are things I do not like. They were not top of mind, but I thought about this, as I was doing laps in the swimming pool. And then I forgot them again, because I did not have my phone to note them down. Then I thought about it again last night in the shower. And then I forgot most of them again by the time I dried myself up. But this morning, this very morning, I did well. I focused on the topic and here are the 7 things I do not like about Zug. As a boring person who likes round numbers. I tried hard to get to 10. Failed. I came up with 7. 7 real ones. For these 7, I even reflected on how much I do not like them and how much I can change them (boring numbers person and action oriented).


zug people smilingPeople NOT saying hi/bye at the gym
I already tried a few times. When I showed up at the gym, I said hi to the receptionist. She said hello back. That worked well. Then I got to the lockerroom I said “Gruezi” to the people there. In general, to the space around me. No response. Not the first time, not the second, not the third. My hi’s got from nada, niente, nichts, no reaction, not even a glance to at best “what the heck”.  People thought it was strange. And it kinda was because nobody else does it. I noticed that. So I stopped it too. Is it important? Nuh. The world will still go round without greeting each other at such confined environments. But a “hi”, generates smiles and smiles develop to friendships. We can all enjoy more them I think. For example, and to be fair, I really enjoy it when I get out of my building, and as I walk to the city, people in my neighborhood say hi to me and to each other. They do. At least here, around Lorehto. When I get to downtown (this is the main road with the shops), it fades out. But it is nice as long as it lasts…
How much I do not like it: 4 out of 5
How much can I change it: 2 out of 5 (unless I tolerate the Village Idiot role for a while and I insist)

Uber canceling all local trip requests
Wherever I lived till now, there was Uber. Lots of them. I was using them on a daily basis. Here there are like 5 of them. I know them by now. The problem is that THEY know me by now, or more specifically, they know where I go and that I do not go to the airport or Zurich or Gibraltar every night. So when they see my name, they cancel immediately. I get it. They prefer to work their chances for a longer trip with more money. There is not much I can do other than tipping them a funfie (5CHF), but this has not been enough apparently. Oh well. I put these 10,000 steps every day thanx to them. And during the weekends I support the local taxis…
How much I do not like it: 5 out of 5 for sure
How much can I change it: 1 out of 5

serving food with glovesNo gloves when they serve food
Now I feel like a weirdo. Have you noticed that too or am I standing alone here? I will not name places, but there are many and very popular. I am referring mostly to takeaways or self service. The staff prepares your salad, your sandwiches or hand you the bread with bare hands. I know it is Zug and we enjoy the highest standards in everything, but hygienewise I am a bit skeptical. Have I gotten sick from anywhere? No. Does this mean anything? No, because I might have been lucky or accustomed to the local universe, even in a germ kid of way. And yes, if you are my mom or my trainer. They both agree that I should cook more at home. The trainer says it in a much nicer way…
How much I do not like it: 3 out of 5
How much can I change it: 2 out of 5 (not a top priority I have to admit)

That you are leaving all the time
Or most weekends. Again more than anywhere else I have lived, and I can count cities in my two hands, Zug seems to be the place that people desert the most at the first opportunity. Most of my friends have already planned their weekends away till 2020. Zug is ideal for traveling. It is true. Close to an airport, in the center of Europe, with great train connections, richer outside Zug than in Zug. All these are very fortunate. However I feel less fortunate myself, when there is nobody around to hang out during the weekends. There are things to do here, you know. Nightlife, sports, day tips, etc. There is tons.
How much I do not like it: 3 out of 5
How much can I change it: 4 out 5. Not to be pompous, but stay tuned.

zug by night

(Zug by night submitted by Bianca at the Zug Photo Contest)

No 24/7 place (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
That I know off. There is a time that the city goes to bed. Every single shop. There is not a single place open to buy something after midnight or even 11pm. I know it comes as a shock to some of you (#NOT), but I am a night person. And here I do not stand alone. There are many of us. And during those beautiful, romantic, wild, tough, lonely, mysterious moments, there is nothing open to get something to eat or to buy stuff that you might need at those beautiful, romantic, blah blah moments.
How much I do not like it: 2 out of 5
How much can I change it: 2 out of 5

zug seesicht(Photo by Zug Tourismus)

Underwater viewing on the lakefront (Seesicht)

This is a small thing. But still, rather a disappointment. There is this room on the lake near the fountain, where you go down the stairs and you are supposed to see the lake world, under the water. I see nothing. I’ve been a few times. Nothing, very dark, nothing exciting. I asked others, they said the same: “Oh you are so naïve, yeah there is nothing there, you can’t see anything, such a bummer”.
How much I do not like it: 1 out of 5
How much can I change it: 2 out of 5 (not sure what’s wrong, should I go clean the windows or the entire lake?)

Snowing in May
An obvious one.  Therefore I will not elaborate much on it. I am not the complaining kind of person, but I am ready for summer, staying outside and wearing light clothes. I am really sick of my heavy coats that I used to wear a handful of days before and now they have become my second skin (they will be burnt the evening of the first day at the beach). God, take a look at this corner. Warm it up and I will get you more followers on Twitter. I am sending you a tweet right now…
How much I do not like it: 4 out of 5
How much can I change it: 0 out of 5