The Zuger SEEfest was one of the reasons I moved to Zug.  When I googled the city, one late night when I decided to move east, the photos and videos of this festival brought to life the energy of this town and canton.  It was an indication that fun things are happening here and people love to get together and enjoy this amazing scenery.   

When I talked to Daniel Schärer, the event organizer, he confirmed exactly that: “Zuger SEEfest should be THE MEETING POINT for all People of Zug. You do not need to make an appointment, because your friends are there, you know it. Thanks to the broad offer all ages will have a good time”.  Danu and his team of 82 volunteers has been working for 10 months for this one day.  It will take over 1000 man hours to build the robust structure of 14 tons, so the 25,000 people will have fun in the most secure manner.

So it is my first Zuger Seefest and I can’t wait for June 22nd.  And apparently it is going to be huge!


6 Freedom Fighters, also known as F-5 or F-5 Tigers, will offer a rather rare show, since it happens only 8 times across the year and not every year.  And Swiss Patrouille are very selective in their choice of events.  The Swiss Air Force flies less than 30 of this type of plane in their national defense fleet.  6 of them will be with us on June 22nd.  “The F-5s were chosen chiefly because of their excellent performance, suitability for the unique Swiss Air Force mission, and their relatively low maintenance cost per flight hour”, as per wikipedia and not any confidential military intel.  Each F-5 is almost 15 meters long with a wingspan just over 8 meters and only 4 meters high.  At around 600 miles per hour, each plane will cover over 500 kilometers during the show.


Toni Bussmann is an accredited Fireworks specialist having won over 20 international competitions.  His team is the one behind the super impressive fireworks of the very demanding Qatar and Dubai.  This year, they will put a 30 minutes show; to WOW the spectators, travel people to a world of fantasy, put them in the mood for a fun night.


Rock, Pop, Reggae, Electro, Retro, Dance are some of the music genres that will fill the 40 hours of soundtrack of the day.  Some thing for everybody.  15 concerts and 10 DJs across 4 stages.  Make sure you get the program.  So depending on your mood and taste, you are at the right place at the right time! 

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Actually there is an easy way to stay up to speed with what is happening every minute during the event of the year. Download the dedicated App with all the critical info.  From what is going on to where the toilets are and more.  The links below will take you directly to the iPhone and Android versions of the App.


I have created two gif’s for your Zuger Seefest stories.  You love them both (apparently) and you use them already.  Type Zug or Zugersee and you will find them in Instagram.

PLUS there is a new Photo Contest coming up on Monday.  A Zuger SEEfest Photo Contest.  So take lots of photos and we’ll create together the photo album of Zuger SEEfest 2019!  Stay tuned.
Zuger Seffest in numbers