After the success of the first Photo Contest, you asked for another one.  So here it is.  The theme is Zuger SEEfest!  The Zuger SEEFest Photo Contest and the rewards are offered by the Zug Sports Organization, the ones who organized the Zuger SEEfest, as well as the Zug Sports Festival coming up on July 27th, 2019.  You can find all the details about the Zuger SEEfest Photo Contest in the links below.  By now, you know what to do.  I can’t wait for your photos.  Click on the GIF or the hyperlink or the photo below to get to the Zuger SEEfest Photo Contest.


zuger seefest photo contest

It took me a while to come up with the right rewards for this contest.  OK it is summer and there is quite some sunbathing and island hopping happening in the meantime.  Still I always try to find rewards that are exciting, fun, edgy, unique.  Rewards that make it worth your submission.  And always on theme.  Since this was a big party, here is what I came up with:

Winner no 1.  Most votes.

Bluetooth LED Glasses – Display Messages, Animation, Drawings!  It is the biggest trend these days all over Facebook and Instagram.  This will be sent to you via Amazon.

Winner no 2.  Second highest number of votes.

Bluetooth LED Hat – Display Messages, Animation, Beats!  The black hat that can complement your style and spark new connections.  This will be sent to you via Gearbest.  You can see a review of this on YouTube.

Winner no 3.  Third highest number of votes.

A full bag with Zug Sports merchandise: bag, hoodie, t-shirt, and towel.  You cannot buy elsewhere and there are designated for the very few in the canton.  This will be handed over to you in Zug.

Bonus Reward. 

The sponsor of the contest will choose one photo that they like, regardless of votes, and they will offer an extra bag of Zug Sports goodies: bag hoodie, t-shirt, and towel.  So even if you do not think you can get the most votes, it is still worth participating, because there is a chance there is something in your photo that the organizers will like.

For the first 3 rewards, I will apply the same principle as with previous ones.  The one with the most votes chooses first any of the 3 rewards, the one with the second number of votes chooses next and so on.  Now matter what you win, one is for sure.  You will be the center of attention where you wear any of these.