I have been debating with myself for a few days now if I should write about the corona virus in Zug. Or if I should write anything at all. I am not in the business of banking on hot topics just to get clicks, regardless of what the topic is. Not fun for me. I am in the business of making people happy and sharing positive vibes. That’s why I created Zug.rocks and that’s what gets me out of bed every day. And I will continue doing just that. corona zug

On Instagram, on Facebook or here, I never posted anything about #covid19.  No statistics.  You can find those on more credible sites. No images of empty airports, trains or shops. You see these live yourself every day, I do not have to remind you. No jokes about corona virus.  It is not funny actually. I stayed away from all of it. Maybe in denial myself, but definitely not to bring you down more than the actual reality.

So why this post? Because I need it, we all need it. These are difficult times. We all have to protect ourselves and the people we love. I am not worried about my health, but mostly for my parents who are older than 70 and they are at risk, and all the people of that age. But to be more honest, I am worried somewhat about my emotional health. The more I read about what is happening around us, the more depressed I get. Around us is not just Zug or Switzerland, but Italy and China and the whole world. It is impossible to remain unaffected from what you read and what you see around you. corona zug

So this post is about reminding you to protect yourself and the people you care about (as expanded as you see this) EMOTIONALLY. The practical measures are critical without any doubt: wash your hands, stay at home if sick, cover your cough/sneeze, stay informed, etc.

@whoThese are 7 simple steps to protect yourself and others from ##COVID19. ##coronavirus♬ original sound – who

Do not forget though to take care of your mood and your happiness. It is easy to get depressed right now. It is normal. But it is not smart, it is not helping. Try harder to remain positive and a source of inspiration, strength and happiness. First for yourself and then for the others.

So here is what works for me. Maybe I write this to help me first. But if you can get some inspiration for your own lives, then even better.

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Listen to music. Happy music or what puts you in a good mood.

Dance. Even if it is at home alone. Serotonin increases with dancing.

Stay informed, but avoid obsessing over the Corona news.

Smile more. Even below a mask. You can feel it yourself and people can read it on your face.

Help others. In any way. It is proven that it is the most important source of our own happiness.

@cheryl.chmSpread smiles and love wherever you go ☺️ ##foryoupage ##singapore Bye ##covid19 ##coronavirus♬ Welcome to Wonderland – Anson Seabra

Surround yourself with positive happy people. And be one too. Positive vibes are more contagious than corona.

Call people.  Specially older people.  They are the most isolated these days.  Grand parents, relatives, people you know that might have stayed at home to protect themselves.  And people in Italy!  Call, not just a message, a voice is so much warmer.

Have video call parties.  The virus wants to isolate us.  This time lets use technology to beat the dark side of #covid_19.  Lets get together virtually at least.

Change the topic. Let the people vent for a few minutes, but eventually chat about something happier.

Dream. Keep dreaming. Make plans. For vacations and visiting your loved ones. This will pass, it has to. We will be fine. Life will go on. It has to.

Read a book. Let your mind travel to another world which is a bit happier than ours these days.

Be a positive influencer online. We are all influencers with our own social media, among our circles. Avoid posting negative comments, scary articles. There is a lot of that around already.

Make positive thoughts. This is temporary. Tomorrow it will be better. It will be great. It will be amazing.

If you stay at home, make it worth it. Do all the things you had no time to do till now. Make a plan. Get some things done to have a sense of achievement and satisfaction. A sense of real life. Netflix is great, but not as gratifying.

@who“The great advantage we have is that the decisions we all make can influence the trajectory of the ##COVID19 epidemic”- Dr Tedros, WHO Director-General♬ original sound – who

I reassure you that you, your loved ones, everybody, we all be fine. We will get through this. This world, but even our generation, has been through other epidemics, terrorism, crime outbreaks, natural disasters and more. And we are still here and thriving. We will be OK. We will continue laughing, falling in love, loving each other. We will go to concerts again, we will party till the morning, we will travel to Asia and all over the world. We will all get together.  In dozens, hundreds, millions.  This is a pause. Sometimes it is needed.

Life is still beautiful and it will be even more awesome. Our best summer is the next one. Our best weekend is the next one. Our best day is today and tomorrow.  corona zug

hope live love

PS: I will continue posting songs, funny videos, happy vibes everywhere.  Because this is what I need, this is what motivates me, what makes me smile, what helps me help you smile…