COMIC OF THE WEEK: The Swiss Weather

Monday to Friday: Sunny and hot.  Weekend: Rain. ☹

Somebody is playing a joke on us.  It is warm and sunny while we are at work.  It is raining during our free time, especially the weekends.  NO?  Look at Hercules for example.  Working so hard during the week, he looks outside and it is beautiful weather.  He is thinking of all the fun things he will do outdoors during the weekend, at his time off.  And when Sunday comes, it is raining.  Why Swiss Weather?  Why?.

the swiss weather


Every week I will publish a little comic to put a smile on our face.  These comics will sponsored by TASTE OF MYKONOS.  The hero of these stories will be Hercules.  Hercules from the Hercules box, the happy meal or kids menu, that TASTE OF MYKONOS has created with love for kids.  It has French fries, pita bread and meat.  Plus a toy that your little angel can choose.


See you next week!