Monday evening.  In Freiruum.  Around 8pm.  5 of us sitting at a wooden table.  We already had food.  From 5 different food stands.  I wonder what the 5 of us have in common, if we all got different food.  Oh well, not the point of the story.  We are drinking.  5 different drinks.  Same thought again (what do we have in common).  Oh well again.  We are drinking slowly.  No motivation, or rather Monday evening drinking motivation.  Sara decides to speed it up. “Never have I ever…”, she said and we all got the point.  That game.  If you have done what one says, you drink.  If you have not done what the person says, then you don’t.  Simple and it can bring some laughs.  And shocks.

Sara: “Never have I ever broken something at anyone’s house and never told them”.
None of us drunk.  Nobody had done this.  Or cared to admit it.  The game did not start well.

Hans: “Never have I ever peed in a pool.”
Eewww.  Thank God.  0 sips. Again.

Monica: “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.”
Remo almost downed all his drink.  Predictable.  Remo lives in the gym.

Remo: “Never have I ever played strip poker.”
Of course not Remo, because nobody agrees to that, although you bring it up at every Wednesday at Game night.

“Never have I ever done it at Seeliken at midnight last July on a Monday night.”
Nobody drunk, mainly because of the time specification.  Monica looked at Hans in shock.  And some awe, I think.  Oh the poor girl she was in Barcelona that week and missed Hans bragging about it all week.

“Never have I ever faked sick from work.”, “Never have I ever lied on my resume.”, “Never have I ever drunk-dialed my ex.”, “Never have I ever sent nudes.”
We all drunk to these.  Even the ones who started them.  Hmmm.  This is what we have in common?  We are friends because we are a bunch of liars, who drink too much and have no shame?  Even you Monica?

Monica: “Never have I ever crossed a swiss red traffic light as a pedestrian.”
‘Not even in Geneva’, asked Hans, while half of us were drinking.

The most surprising of all came again from Monica half an hour later:
“Never I have ever drunk tap water here in Zug”.
‘Are you for real’ shouted 4 pairs of eyes at once.  “Well, the water here is hard.  Even for my hair!”

But is it?  Is it really hard?  I drink tap water all the time.  But I also drink carbonated refreshments…  Only the numbers and the experts can answer this “hard” question.

Let’s start with the experts, that is WWZ, who supplies our water.  On their website, they first of all confirm that our drinking water is reliable and of best quality.  They also inform us that our water is half spring water and half groundwater.  “In the Zug supply area, it is extracted from the springs in the Lorzentobel and the groundwater pumping stations in Drälikon (Hünenberg), Oberwil and Baar (Sternen). The Hochdorf region is supplied by the Ermensee and Wirtlenwald groundwater pumping stations.”

“Tap water is healthy and by far the most environmentally friendly drink. Every year, WWZ takes more than 500 samples from the entire pipeline network, which are analysed in the laboratories of the cantonal offices for consumer protection.”

All these measurements can be found at a National map, which gives several details, and specifically on hardness.

Zug city water

The Zug drinking water is overall classified as moderately hard, according to the Swiss National Laws and Standards.  However it depends greatly where you live exactly.  For example, the softest water is in Rotkreuz and the hardest in Baar.  The same applies to all cantons.  They all have softer and harder areas.

ZUG Gesamthärte 12.01.2022
Minimalwert     20.1 °fH
Maximalwert     30.2 °fH
Durchschnittswert          25.1 °fH

0-7 Very Soft, 7-15  Soft, 15-25 Moderately Hard, 25-32 Quite hard, 32-42 Hard, more than 42  Very Hard

Trinkwasser SVGW  ::  Trinkwasser | Qualität

Hardness is also a matter of taste.  Some people prefer harder water.  Some hate it.  This drives greatly the choice of consuming or not the tap water.  One thing is for sure:  the water is safe, monitored and highly regulated.  Actually if one googles Best Drinking Water country, Switzerland pops up always at the top.

Three Countries with the Best Water Quality in the World | San Jose Water (

Top 10 Countries With the Best Tap Water | TheRichest

In fact Euronews last year classified it as one of the best in the world: “Tap water in Switzerland predominantly comes from lakes and springs thanks to its alpine mountainous landscape. Being a relatively wealthy country, the procedures followed to ensure tap water is of top quality are some of the most thorough.”  Where is the best drinking water in Europe? | Euronews

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