OK we are small.  Zug is small.  Almost the smallest.  It is not every day that Zug is in the news nationally or internationally.  But when we are, then we go big.  We make it to the top and for the right reasons and we are proud. 

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This time we made it to the second place nationally of a very cool and meaningful ranking.  It was in Bilanz.  You know the financial and business magazine that publishes every year, among other things, who the richest people are in Switzerland.  I always buy that issue.  Just in case they try to cut the line in the supermarket, so I can recognize them and can tell them “you have to wait your turn, you no 7 richest person in Switzerland”.


Which company made it to the top?

Recently Bilanz ranked Zug Estates as the no 2 of “The climate-conscious companies of Switzerland 2022”.  The ranking was based on which companies have reduced the intensity of their greenhouse gas emissions the most in relation to sales.  The full ranking here.

Bilanz Sustainability ranking

Why Zug Estates was ranked that high?

Practically Zug Estates have reduced their emissions since 2017 by 48% annually!  ZugEstates has a clear and strong sustainability strategy, having a top priority the CO2-free operation of their properties.  Recycling for ZugEstates goes beyond the facilities they install in all their buildings.  They are thinking also how to reuse building materials.  Therefore it is totally fair (data from “Le Temps” and Statista prove it, I’m not saying it myself), that they were awarded that top position.  


Why do we care?

Greenhouse gases absorb radiation and prevent heat from escaping from our atmosphere. They collect and store heat.  As a result global temperatures rise and weather patterns change.  I am not going all Greta Thunberg on you, but if we do not do something, we will be skiing only at the top of Mont Blanc soon, Amsterdam and Venice will be gone, and lots of other tragedies will take place due to our fast industrial global growth.  Greta, you tell them, girl…  

Zug Estates Logo

Who is Zug Estates?

You know well Zug Estates.  You shop at their stores, you stay at their hotels, you attend conferences at their venues (well not recently due to Covid unfortunately) and it is likely that you live in one of their apartments.  Metalli, Park Hotel, City Garden, several restaurants, plus hundreds of apartments.  Zug Estates Holding AG is a Switzerland-based company engaged in the development, sale and management of real estate properties (residential, office and retail) in the Zug region.