Yes, I will keep it to 5.  Only 5.  There might be dozens, but these 5 make my heart beat faster.  This Saturday it is the Zuger Seefest!  It has been a while since the last one.  And during that while, for the most part, we were stuck at home, we were not getting together, we were not dancing all night with our friends.  But not this summer and not this Saturday!  This Saturday is special.



Top Gun breaks box office records.  At $900 million currently, it is expected to be the first billion dollar movie for Tom Cruise and for 2022.  Pretty impressive, as impressive as the aerobatics of their F14s, their F18s and their F35s.  But you know this?  On Saturday at 5.30pm, some of these exact Maverick planes will be flying over ours heads, over the Zugersee to be more exact.  Same planes, real-time aerobatics, even cooler guys.  I met the team during their last flight show.  Jesus, these guys are as fun as their flight tricks.  I do not know how you imagine them.  Not in terms of looks, since you do not need much imagination, you can see them in the below photo.  But in terms of personality.  They were outgoing and smart and friendly and funny.  I cannot spare any stories because they belong to the Swiss Army, and I fear there is a confidentiality code that I do not dare to break.  But judge for yourselves.  I saw them being comfortable with photos, so don’t hesitate for any selfies.  Some of them were single.  Of course it’s been two years since then, and let’s face it, they have a sexier profession than your boss.  In any case it is an honor to have them back, since there are doing so few shows and ours at Zuger Seefest is one of them!

Zug Top Gun



Where should I start?  I will remain factual.  We have artists who:

  • Won several song competitions and they sing in both Swiss German and Spanish: Cachita!
  • Will seduce us with their acoustic melodies and catchy songs, who are actually from our very own Zug: Thin & Crispy!
  • After the Voice of Switzerland, took the internet and the music world by surprise, creating a loyal fan base of hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views: Romy!
  • Combine trap music with old school elements, a young and promising Zuger: Denny Jay!
  • Will get us all dancing all night. All of us.  Spanning sounds of 5 decades, no matter your age, you will be on the dancefloor: Flavio!
  • Create electronic melodies and will take you into a unique journey, full of passion and energy: Zelev!
  • Will create the perfect soundtrack for this summer night with his Summersound and his proven success in Zuger parties: DJ Owen!
  • Will stop by Zug during her ongoing touring at numerous big stages to enchant us with her songs from two albums: Rachel Carmen!
  • Who will sing in English too, for the less competent in Schweizerdeutsch like me, and will touch our hearts with her voice: our own Swiss Riana!
  • Have written over 1300 songs and is known to be one of the most interesting Zugers (I want to meet him!) and dexterous guitar players: Bob Spring!

Zuger Seefest concerts



Simple.  Just a handful of words.  All week will be rainy, but only this Saturday will sunny and you will have a chance to enjoy our legendary sunset!

Seefest sun



When the sun will go down, there is a huge bonus for all of us: FIREWORKS!  I admit it, I am a sucker for fireworks.  They remind me of new beginnings, of special moments, of big celebrations.  I can’t wait to look up, let my brain empty and my emotions to get filled with colors and shapes, up there in the sky.

Zugersee fireworks



Maybe the most important of all.  Hey, it is the first time we, Zugers, will get together again by the lake, will walk around with a drink in our hand, will chat with so many friends at once and will feel that life is back to normal.  No other event will seal the return to how life is supposed to be: relaxed, happy, together!

See you there, at the Zuger Seefest 2022…

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