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Zug rent versus Swiss rents

Is Zug the most expensive rent in Switzerland?  Unfortunately the answer is YES!  Or fortunately for the ones that own property in our canton.  In the data released by BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik) or also know the National Office of Statistics, Zug came on top of the list with 1,818CHF per month.  This is average net monthly rent without charges and heating costs.  The average of the entire country is 1362CHF/month, which means that Zug is 33% more expensive than the National average.   Zug was found more expensive than Zurich and Geneva to my surprise.  I was also...

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The Swiss Weather

COMIC OF THE WEEK: The Swiss Weather Monday to Friday: Sunny and hot.  Weekend: Rain. ☹ Somebody is playing a joke on us.  It is warm and sunny while we are at work.  It is raining during our free time, especially the weekends.  NO?  Look at Hercules for example.  Working so hard during the week, he looks outside and it is beautiful weather.  He is thinking of all the fun things he will do outdoors during the weekend, at his time off.  And when Sunday comes, it is raining.  Why Swiss Weather?  Why?. ABOUT Every week I will publish...

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I met Danu within weeks after I arrived in Zug.  I had just released the Zug rocks song.  He asked to see me.  I met him at his previous office at the old train station house behind Chamerstrasse.  Danu welcomed me with generous compliments.  He said that the song was the best piece of marketing that the Canton had ever produced.  He was almost upset why he had not thought of something like that.   I returned the compliment by confessing that I came to Zug because of his events.  It is true.  When I googled Zug, the images of...

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Public sentiment Survey

I created this survey based on what I ask my family and my friends, since the pandemic started. This is not a scientific survey commissioned by any official organization. It is not designed to be analyzed in depth to form an action plan. It is an attempt to find out how you feel, what is on your mind, what is the sentiment of the crowd. Out of interest and compassion. These are the questions we all have and that’s why I designed the survey so you can see the answers directly after you answer yourself. The survey is 100%...

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Stay at home: why and how to have fun

So we have to stay at home. Or at least I will. With all the negative aspects that might have. I will lose money. I will distant myself from my loved ones physically. I will miss the nature, the clubbing, the restaurants, the social fun. And that is OK. Even if there is not a Saturday I have not gone out, even if there is not a day that I did not spend it with my friends, even if I need to earn my living financially. Like everybody. And that is OK. If other generations or parts of the...

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