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Saturday June 25th. The most exciting Zug day. 5 reasons why.

Yes, I will keep it to 5.  Only 5.  There might be dozens, but these 5 make my heart beat faster.  This Saturday it is the Zuger Seefest!  It has been a while since the last one.  And during that while, for the most part, we were stuck at home, we were not getting together, we were not dancing all night with our friends.  But not this summer and not this Saturday!  This Saturday is special.   REASON no 1 Top Gun breaks box office records.  At $900 million currently, it is expected to be the first billion dollar...

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Which company makes Zug most proud these days?

OK we are small.  Zug is small.  Almost the smallest.  It is not every day that Zug is in the news nationally or internationally.  But when we are, then we go big.  We make it to the top and for the right reasons and we are proud.  This time we made it to the second place nationally of a very cool and meaningful ranking.  It was in Bilanz.  You know the financial and business magazine that publishes every year, among other things, who the richest people are in Switzerland.  I always buy that issue.  Just in case they try...

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Zug Water quality

Monday evening.  In Freiruum.  Around 8pm.  5 of us sitting at a wooden table.  We already had food.  From 5 different food stands.  I wonder what the 5 of us have in common, if we all got different food.  Oh well, not the point of the story.  We are drinking.  5 different drinks.  Same thought again (what do we have in common).  Oh well again.  We are drinking slowly.  No motivation, or rather Monday evening drinking motivation.  Sara decides to speed it up. “Never have I ever…”, she said and we all got the point.  That game.  If you...

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Zug rent versus Swiss rents

Is Zug the most expensive rent in Switzerland?  Unfortunately the answer is YES!  Or fortunately for the ones that own property in our canton.  In the data released by BFS (Bundesamt für Statistik) or also know the National Office of Statistics, Zug came on top of the list with 1,818CHF per month.  This is average net monthly rent without charges and heating costs.  The average of the entire country is 1362CHF/month, which means that Zug is 33% more expensive than the National average.   Zug was found more expensive than Zurich and Geneva to my surprise.  I was also...

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The Swiss Weather

COMIC OF THE WEEK: The Swiss Weather Monday to Friday: Sunny and hot.  Weekend: Rain. ☹ Somebody is playing a joke on us.  It is warm and sunny while we are at work.  It is raining during our free time, especially the weekends.  NO?  Look at Hercules for example.  Working so hard during the week, he looks outside and it is beautiful weather.  He is thinking of all the fun things he will do outdoors during the weekend, at his time off.  And when Sunday comes, it is raining.  Why Swiss Weather?  Why?. ABOUT Every week I will publish...

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