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Zug Christmas rocks

I am sure you are all very busy these days. Finishing up with work before the holidays, doing Christmas shopping, preparing for any out-of-town trips. Therefore I will keep this post short and to the point.  I have created a few fun things to get you into the Christmas spirit, starring Zug in all of them. What exactly? Let’s see… ZUG CHRISTMAS FILTERS This is my very favorite one! If you are on Instagram, you can turn yourself into a cute Santa Claus with my Zug Christmas filter. The filter is visible to all people who follow the

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The Tribes of Zug

I have been here now over a year. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of Zug people. If we have not met, it is a matter of time. I am looking forward to that because Zug has really fun people. All special in their own way. Every interaction is a blast and an opportunity to unveil the many facets of this canton. On the way I figured out patterns, in the sense of groups that most of us belong to. Like with any segmentation or grouping, nothing is absolute. But we might see ourselves, a part...

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Believe it or not? Zug Stories Vol. 1

There is something about Zug.  Zug is special.  Zug has stories.  Everyday stories.  Unbelievable stories.  Weird stories.  Controversial stories.   Lots of Zug stories.  So let’s play a game with all these Zug stories.  I will give you stories.  Some are real.  Some are not.  Can you guess it right?  Monday to Friday, on my Instagram account, I will reveal which ones are true and which are not.  Let’s go! Loud screaming in the Old Town! It is Wednesday night.  It is a rather warm night.  Beginning of summer.  This summer.  A middle aged couple is enjoying a good bottle...

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Zug rocks Schwingen 2019 – Photo Contest

You know it by now.  Whenever there is a big happening in the Canton, you capture it with our phones and cameras and then I pull all your shots and memories together in a contest.  Then in videos and Instagram stories and facebook posts.  You know it, you love it, you support it and I THANK YOU or this.  So we will do the same again.  This time for the Schwingfest of August 23rd.  If you want to know more about it, then this link will enlighten you nicely.  The theme also for this Schwingen photo contest remains the...

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My German is not good.  Yet.  So Google is kind enough to translate everything to me in English.  So when I came across titles like “the biggest Swinger festival in the world takes place in Zug”, I was like, first “I told you so” and second “let me find out more about it”.  Apparently this ‘ch’ between the s and the w makes a huge difference from German to English (see schwingen and schwingers).  Still, anything huge in Zug, no pun intended, is worth analyzing and celebrating.  In that spirit, here is the 10 things about ESAF 2019 you...

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