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What I do not like about Zug

(Golden city submitted by Gabrielle at the Zug Photo Contest) There are two things that people ask me all the time since I started One of them is this (in their own words): “For real? You like Zug so much? You like everything here? There is nothing you hate?”. Fair question. I understand that I might come across as Santa Claus on Prozac at Christmas in Disneyland! That happy. Or the village idiot. You choose. While I have deleted the H word from my vocabulary, indeed there are things I do not like. They were not top of...

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Zug Videos from the Photo Contest

I will start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU.  To all of you who submitted photos, who voted, who sponsored the Zug Photo Contest.  You made it a huge success.  As I posted on Instagram, there were 5000 votes, 20000 views, 140 photos, 10 winners.  On top there were dozens of Instagram stories and lots of views and likes on Facebook.  I have created 3 Zug videos with all your photos.  3 Zug videos, one for each reason why Zug it is so amazing.  The sunsets.  The nature.  The city and its people. Enjoy them.  Share them.  Invite your...

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An interview with Karl Kobelt, our mayor of Zug

(Interview mit Karl Kobelt auf Deutsch) When Karl Kobelt said yes to an interview, I was surprised, for the obvious reasons, but mostly impressed.  Engaging with the new blog of the canton shows an open-minded, modern and confident leader.  The chat, we had in his office, confirmed all this.  And some more.  We both have something in common: he is new in the post of the Zug mayor and I am new in town.  So this was the basis of this interview.  I am a new resident in Zug and I’d love to know more about him, the new...

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Ein Interview mit Karl Kobelt, unser Stadtpräsident von Zug

(Interview with Karl Kobelt in English) Als Karl Kobelt zu einem Interview zustimmte, war ich aus den naheliegenden Gründen überrascht, aber vor allem beeindruckt. Die Teilnahme am neuen Zuger Blog zeigt eine aufgeschlossene, moderne und selbstbewusste Führungskraft. Das Gespräch, das wir in seinem Büro hatten, bestätigte all das und noch einiges mehr. Wir haben beide etwas gemeinsam: Er ist neu im Amt des Zuger Stadtpräsidenten und ich bin neu in der Stadt. Das war also die Grundlage für dieses Interview. Ich bin ein neuer Einwohner in Zug und würde gerne mehr über ihn, den neuen Stadtpräsidenten, und seine Pläne...

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Best Zug ice cream spots

Spring seems to be here and summer will be coming soon… probably.  Yes, we do have summer in Zug. It’s nice, quite hot and not so long, so you won’t get bored, of course! First thing that comes to my mind when I say summer is… Ice Cream, what else! Being raised in Italy, I’m used to eat it all the time during the whole year, therefore I might consider myself a kind of expert.  So let’s see what our wonderful “Kanton Zug” is offering us and where we can taste the top-quality artisan Gelato. Quick guide for the...

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