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Zuger SEEfest Photo Contest

After the success of the first Photo Contest, you asked for another one.  So here it is.  The theme is Zuger SEEfest!  The Zuger SEEFest Photo Contest and the rewards are offered by the Zug Sports Organization, the ones who organized the Zuger SEEfest, as well as the Zug Sports Festival coming up on July 27th, 2019.  You can find all the details about the Zuger SEEfest Photo Contest in the links below.  By now, you know what to do.  I can’t wait for your photos.  Click on the GIF or the hyperlink or the photo below to get...

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Zuger Seefest: The event of the year in numbers!

The Zuger SEEfest was one of the reasons I moved to Zug.  When I googled the city, one late night when I decided to move east, the photos and videos of this festival brought to life the energy of this town and canton.  It was an indication that fun things are happening here and people love to get together and enjoy this amazing scenery.    When I talked to Daniel Schärer, the event organizer, he confirmed exactly that: “Zuger SEEfest should be THE MEETING POINT for all People of Zug. You do not need to make an appointment, because...

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Zug: The cleanest city in the world

Is Zug the cleanest city in the world?  I say yes.  What do you say?  What do the lists say?  The lists that are published online by newspapers, consulting firms and health oriented organizations. OK, this is not what the lists say, but the lists do not know Zug.   Now when I see Paris in the list, I discredit it immediately because… I used to live there.  But the good ones have the following in their top 10 (in random order): Calgary, Canada Honolulu, Hawaii Helsinki, Finland Oslo, Norway Stockholm, Sweden Zurich, Switzerland Minneapolis, USA Kobe, Japan Luxembourg, Luxembourg...

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Zug Quote Contest

Nach unten scrollen für Deutsch For this new quote contest, I keep it simple.  Just complete the sentence “Zug rocks…“.  Write under this Zug photo on Facebook.  A few examples to get your creative juices going. “Zug rocks…” … because my boss lives here. … my mood everyday. … and pops and tops. … because since I moved here I have made lots of good friends that I am sure I will keep for life. Basically just start with “Zug rocks…” and continue with whatever comes to mind.  Funny, emotional, inspirational, provocative.  Short or long.  But do give it...

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What I do not like about Zug

(Golden city submitted by Gabrielle at the Zug Photo Contest) There are two things that people ask me all the time since I started One of them is this (in their own words): “For real? You like Zug so much? You like everything here? There is nothing you hate?”. Fair question. I understand that I might come across as Santa Claus on Prozac at Christmas in Disneyland! That happy. Or the village idiot. You choose. While I have deleted the H word from my vocabulary, indeed there are things I do not like. They were not top of...

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