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Urgent day trip

The alarm clock went off at 7am.  7am on a Sunday. No sane people do that.  But these 5 people, we did that.  The other 4 are my friends.  And we all did that with joy.  We set it up with joy the night before I mean.  Because the purpose was sacred.  Of course, the actual reality at 7.01am had less joy and more swearing.  But hey, we had all agreed to that day trip and the result would be so rewarding. We were all late.  John was the worst.  Typical.  Cate was driving.  The first 30 minutes were...

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Zug: The richest place on earth

I had one of those rare days that I felt a bit down, a bit uncertain, a bit doubtful.  Did I do the right thing to move here?  Is Zug too small for me?  Does size matter?  What is it all about?  Will I be pretty?  Will I be rich?  Que sera, sera.  Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see. The wise lyrics of Doris suddenly gave a more upbeat tone to my day. My best friend finished the job.  Meaning that he put me back to my usual happy camper mode during our daily...

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Joining the gang, officially

The first thing you need to do when you get here is to make it official.  To say “hi, I’m here, I like it, I’m staying, make me part of your gang officially”.  This is not just to potential dates and friends, but most importantly to the Zug administration (Zug registration), also known as the Commune (excuse my French) or the City of Zug or Zug Stadt. This is the people who matter the most, even than that potential date that might evolve to the love of your life (for several hours or even years).  Because this is the...

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Zug Trash

Zug trash… So you were the lucky one to be approved for the only flat under 100m2 that was published this month.  Given the scarcity of small to medium size apartments in the city, you look up, you thank the superior omnipresent and omnipotent forces, whoever they are (God, Buddha, Cher, Kim K) and you decide to also play the Euromillions tonight.  When luck strikes, you squeeze it.  What’s next? Furniture!  Easy.  Online.  You find everything you need and at the price you can afford.  It is the best way of shopping these days.  The one with less hassle. ...

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Welcome to Zug

Welcome Me, welcome to Zug.  I just arrived to Zug.  So the “welcome” is first to me and then to everybody else who also just showed up here or is thinking of coming here.  For a visit or forever (although nowadays this “forever” doesn’t last long, think of your love life for example). I started my first post with “Me”, I continued by using “I” as the first word of the second sentence and I kept the main point of the third sentence to be again about myself.  But I am not a selfish person.  All this self-centering is...

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