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Believe it or not? Zug Stories Vol. 1

There is something about Zug.  Zug is special.  Zug has stories.  Everyday stories.  Unbelievable stories.  Weird stories.  Controversial stories.   Lots of Zug stories.  So let’s play a game with all these Zug stories.  I will give you stories.  Some are real.  Some are not.  Can you guess it right?  Monday to Friday, on my Instagram account, I will reveal which ones are true and which are not.  Let’s go! Loud screaming in the Old Town! It is Wednesday night.  It is a rather warm night.  Beginning of summer.  This summer.  A middle aged couple is enjoying a good bottle...

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Ein Interview mit Karl Kobelt, unser Stadtpräsident von Zug

(Interview with Karl Kobelt in English) Als Karl Kobelt zu einem Interview zustimmte, war ich aus den naheliegenden Gründen überrascht, aber vor allem beeindruckt. Die Teilnahme am neuen Zuger Blog zeigt eine aufgeschlossene, moderne und selbstbewusste Führungskraft. Das Gespräch, das wir in seinem Büro hatten, bestätigte all das und noch einiges mehr. Wir haben beide etwas gemeinsam: Er ist neu im Amt des Zuger Stadtpräsidenten und ich bin neu in der Stadt. Das war also die Grundlage für dieses Interview. Ich bin ein neuer Einwohner in Zug und würde gerne mehr über ihn, den neuen Stadtpräsidenten, und seine Pläne...

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Free Zug

Free Zug.  No, the canton is not in danger of a hostile takeover.  Not free Willy or free your mind.  Well, both too, but this post is about the even better meaning of free.  As in what is for free at Zug, what costs nothing.  Why?  Why write about free stuff in Zug?  Well, by now you know that I write about what we all care and we care about the free stuff, no?  But the truth is that this is my answer to a challenge I was given last Saturday.  I had a debate about how expensive Zug...

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Zug Quiz – How much of a Zuger are you?

Take the Zug quiz.  Tell me on Facebook and Instagram what you think.  Share with your friends. ZUG QUIZ As a pedestrian, are you waiting for the green light to cross, even if the street is empty for miles?  Of course! It is the right thing to do. I am used to it.  Most of the time. Unless I am in a hurry. Like running to catch a train or a love at first sight.  Never. I am faster than the Zug drivers anyway. Do you “Gruezi” everybody when you get out in the morning, even before having coffee?...

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Zug mail disaster

I am desperate indeed. Honestly I do not know how to go about this.  I just do not want all this Zug junk mail in my mailbox.  As you can see below, I put the stickers (TWO OF THEM) that clearly and politely say that I am not interested in all these brochures, ads and newspapers.  OK mine are not as elegant as the guy’s next door, but even himself, with this beautiful and luscious sign, he still gets the junk.   What is your problem with Zug mail, dude? – Although I should not have to be apologetic...

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Zug: The richest place on earth

I had one of those rare days that I felt a bit down, a bit uncertain, a bit doubtful.  Did I do the right thing to move here?  Is Zug too small for me?  Does size matter?  What is it all about?  Will I be pretty?  Will I be rich?  Que sera, sera.  Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see. The wise lyrics of Doris suddenly gave a more upbeat tone to my day. My best friend finished the job.  Meaning that he put me back to my usual happy camper mode during our daily...

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