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My German is not good.  Yet.  So Google is kind enough to translate everything to me in English.  So when I came across titles like “the biggest Swinger festival in the world takes place in Zug”, I was like, first “I told you so” and second “let me find out more about it”.  Apparently this ‘ch’ between the s and the w makes a huge difference from German to English (see schwingen and schwingers).  Still, anything huge in Zug, no pun intended, is worth analyzing and celebrating.  In that spirit, here is the 10 things about ESAF 2019 you...

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Zug beaches

Finding topics for my posts is easy.  You give them to me.  You ask me questions.  On facebook, on Instagram, via email or live.  The one question I get the most nowadays is where to swim around here.  And this is where the easy part finishes.  This is where hours of research online and talking to people kick in.  Plus some visits to check things out myself.  So these are the beaches around Zug or places to sunbath and potentially swim.  Not all in this Canton, but then again your tax declaration will not be affected if you swim...

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Zuger Seefest: The event of the year in numbers!

The Zuger SEEfest was one of the reasons I moved to Zug.  When I googled the city, one late night when I decided to move east, the photos and videos of this festival brought to life the energy of this town and canton.  It was an indication that fun things are happening here and people love to get together and enjoy this amazing scenery.    When I talked to Daniel Schärer, the event organizer, he confirmed exactly that: “Zuger SEEfest should be THE MEETING POINT for all People of Zug. You do not need to make an appointment, because...

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Best Zug ice cream spots

Spring seems to be here and summer will be coming soon… probably.  Yes, we do have summer in Zug. It’s nice, quite hot and not so long, so you won’t get bored, of course! First thing that comes to my mind when I say summer is… Ice Cream, what else! Being raised in Italy, I’m used to eat it all the time during the whole year, therefore I might consider myself a kind of expert.  So let’s see what our wonderful “Kanton Zug” is offering us and where we can taste the top-quality artisan Gelato. Quick guide for the...

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Swinger Parties in Zug

Last night at our usual hangout for Espresso Martinis… Lucy: So, who has any plans for the weekend, other than all of us bar-crawling around the city? John: City, you said?  Which city? Lucy: Our city, here Zug. John: You call this a city? Lucy: Yes, a city. What should I call it? A fisherman village? John: At best…  Or just a town. Cate: Anyway, guys, back to the burning question.  Who has any plans for the weekend?  Any ideas?  Me, I got nothing. Giovanna: Me neither.  Just the usual. Lucy: Same here.  The usual. Plus one of those...

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Urgent day trip

The alarm clock went off at 7am.  7am on a Sunday. No sane people do that.  But these 5 people, we did that.  The other 4 are my friends.  And we all did that with joy.  We set it up with joy the night before I mean.  Because the purpose was sacred.  Of course, the actual reality at 7.01am had less joy and more swearing.  But hey, we had all agreed to that day trip and the result would be so rewarding. We were all late.  John was the worst.  Typical.  Cate was driving.  The first 30 minutes were...

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Zug Trash

Zug trash… So you were the lucky one to be approved for the only flat under 100m2 that was published this month.  Given the scarcity of small to medium size apartments in the city, you look up, you thank the superior omnipresent and omnipotent forces, whoever they are (God, Buddha, Cher, Kim K) and you decide to also play the Euromillions tonight.  When luck strikes, you squeeze it.  What’s next? Furniture!  Easy.  Online.  You find everything you need and at the price you can afford.  It is the best way of shopping these days.  The one with less hassle. ...

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