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The Tribes of Zug

I have been here now over a year. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of Zug people. If we have not met, it is a matter of time. I am looking forward to that because Zug has really fun people. All special in their own way. Every interaction is a blast and an opportunity to unveil the many facets of this canton. On the way I figured out patterns, in the sense of groups that most of us belong to. Like with any segmentation or grouping, nothing is absolute. But we might see ourselves, a part...

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Believe it or not? Zug Stories Vol. 1

There is something about Zug.  Zug is special.  Zug has stories.  Everyday stories.  Unbelievable stories.  Weird stories.  Controversial stories.   Lots of Zug stories.  So let’s play a game with all these Zug stories.  I will give you stories.  Some are real.  Some are not.  Can you guess it right?  Monday to Friday, on my Instagram account, I will reveal which ones are true and which are not.  Let’s go! Loud screaming in the Old Town! It is Wednesday night.  It is a rather warm night.  Beginning of summer.  This summer.  A middle aged couple is enjoying a good bottle...

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Zug: The cleanest city in the world

Is Zug the cleanest city in the world?  I say yes.  What do you say?  What do the lists say?  The lists that are published online by newspapers, consulting firms and health oriented organizations. OK, this is not what the lists say, but the lists do not know Zug.   Now when I see Paris in the list, I discredit it immediately because… I used to live there.  But the good ones have the following in their top 10 (in random order): Calgary, Canada Honolulu, Hawaii Helsinki, Finland Oslo, Norway Stockholm, Sweden Zurich, Switzerland Minneapolis, USA Kobe, Japan Luxembourg, Luxembourg...

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What I do not like about Zug

(Golden city submitted by Gabrielle at the Zug Photo Contest) There are two things that people ask me all the time since I started One of them is this (in their own words): “For real? You like Zug so much? You like everything here? There is nothing you hate?”. Fair question. I understand that I might come across as Santa Claus on Prozac at Christmas in Disneyland! That happy. Or the village idiot. You choose. While I have deleted the H word from my vocabulary, indeed there are things I do not like. They were not top of...

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Free Zug

Free Zug.  No, the canton is not in danger of a hostile takeover.  Not free Willy or free your mind.  Well, both too, but this post is about the even better meaning of free.  As in what is for free at Zug, what costs nothing.  Why?  Why write about free stuff in Zug?  Well, by now you know that I write about what we all care and we care about the free stuff, no?  But the truth is that this is my answer to a challenge I was given last Saturday.  I had a debate about how expensive Zug...

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Feuerwehrersatzabgabe or the Firemen tax

Did you get this too?  Were you surprised?  Confused?  Impressed?  Any of the above?  All of the above?  As you figured it out already, another first for me.  (“To how many more things am I a Zug virgin”, I ask God, mom, neighbors and strangers on the street).  Zug Feuerwehrersatzabgabe My immediate reaction to anything I receive in German from the canton is, OK what fine is this, what did I do wrong, what am I late for, who did I piss off unintentionally and other beautiful, not at all stressful at all thoughts.  The longer the word, the...

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10 things you did not know about Zug

You know, when you are introduced to a new person and you immediately like them because of their attitude and energy? OK this was not the case here. Exactly the opposite. Carl was the guy that you meet and within 5 minutes you make sinful thoughts like… if you were the last two people on earth, you and him, was there a single chance of liking him? Still, in that scenario, you give yourself more chances of winning the 150 millions of Swiss Lottery than liking him. But why? Simple. Carl knew it all. Not the most charming human...

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Zug mail disaster

I am desperate indeed. Honestly I do not know how to go about this.  I just do not want all this Zug junk mail in my mailbox.  As you can see below, I put the stickers (TWO OF THEM) that clearly and politely say that I am not interested in all these brochures, ads and newspapers.  OK mine are not as elegant as the guy’s next door, but even himself, with this beautiful and luscious sign, he still gets the junk.   What is your problem with Zug mail, dude? – Although I should not have to be apologetic...

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How safe is Zug?

I am walking after midnight back from a dinner on the lake.  As I enter into the Neustadt Passage, you know the gallery between Baarerstrasse and Poststrasse, I see that Coop is open.  I am surprised and impressed.  It is my first week in Zug and people had told me that it is super safe and boring.  That the city is totally dead, nothing is open after 7pm.  People can be like that.  They were wrong.  There was a big Coop open after midnight in the middle of the city. Or it looked like that.  All the plants and...

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Zug: The richest place on earth

I had one of those rare days that I felt a bit down, a bit uncertain, a bit doubtful.  Did I do the right thing to move here?  Is Zug too small for me?  Does size matter?  What is it all about?  Will I be pretty?  Will I be rich?  Que sera, sera.  Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see. The wise lyrics of Doris suddenly gave a more upbeat tone to my day. My best friend finished the job.  Meaning that he put me back to my usual happy camper mode during our daily...

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Joining the gang, officially

The first thing you need to do when you get here is to make it official.  To say “hi, I’m here, I like it, I’m staying, make me part of your gang officially”.  This is not just to potential dates and friends, but most importantly to the Zug administration (Zug registration), also known as the Commune (excuse my French) or the City of Zug or Zug Stadt. This is the people who matter the most, even than that potential date that might evolve to the love of your life (for several hours or even years).  Because this is the...

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Welcome to Zug

Welcome Me, welcome to Zug.  I just arrived to Zug.  So the “welcome” is first to me and then to everybody else who also just showed up here or is thinking of coming here.  For a visit or forever (although nowadays this “forever” doesn’t last long, think of your love life for example). I started my first post with “Me”, I continued by using “I” as the first word of the second sentence and I kept the main point of the third sentence to be again about myself.  But I am not a selfish person.  All this self-centering is...

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