Rules & Prizes


It has to be a photo which portrays a location or a situation (with or without people) taking place in the grounds of the Canton of Zug.


The photo has to be yours.


The contest will run till April 30th, 2019.  You can vote for as many photos as you want and even daily.  There are new photos every day.  Show your love for Zug.  The main rewards are being offered from the best and most popular bars and clubs in town who love you who love Zug.  The Top 10 photos will have a whole bottle at one of the below establishments, the sponsors of this contest.  No 1 chooses first, no 2 second, etc.  More details on the offer from each place will be announced on April 15th.


(in alphabetical order and each logo leads to their happening websites)


A bottle of whiskey or vodka

A bottle of whiskey or vodka

Apero (Champagne/Prosecco with snacks) for 2

A bottle of whiskey or vodka

A bottle of whiskey or vodka

A bottle of whiskey or vodka

A bottle of wine

A bottle of Ferrari Champagner

Topas Klub
A bottle of whiskey or vodka

A bottle of Red wine with Apetizers


. The best photos will be published in a Zug photo eBook on Amazon.

. Most photos will be published on my IG account, which has the highest engagement in the canton.

. Among the most popular photos, a photographer will be chosen to work with me on a “WOW” project for Zug.


Why are you running a Zug photo contest?
Because I love Zug, you know that by now, and because I want to capture the beauty of the place and the people.  Everything else is a side benefit, which of course are welcome.

Why should I participate in the Zug photo contest?
Many reasons.  The amazing rewards!  Because you love Zug.  Because you want to show your photographic talent.  Simply because you want to share with the world a beautiful moment you lived.  Quite a few, right?

How do I upload my photo?
On Desktop it is obvious: it says "UPLOAD PHOTO".  On Mobile, you have to click on the MENU Tab with the 3 little parallel lines (Under the Zug Photo Contest title).  From there it is easier than ordering a Starbucks coffee.

Does it have to be a photo of a Zug landmark?
No.  Because I am also interested in the energy of the Zug people too.  And sometimes great moments do not happen in front of the Zytturm clock.  But still, if I suspect that it is from your amazing night in Bahamas, then it will have to be disqualified.

Does it have to be a brand new photo never published before?
No.  Just pick one from your IG, FB, PI or your childhood album.

How many votes can I give?
One per photo per 24 hours.  But you can vote for several photos and you can come 24 hours later and vote again.  Because there are always new photos to appreciate.

Should I have taken the photo myself?
It is better.  Otherwise you might get in trouble.  It can be your mom’s though, if you are sure she is not going to sue you.  Check.  Moms can be creative in their revenge practices when you do not call for over 24 hours.

Can it be a Zug photo I’ve taken with my phone?
As long as it is of good quality.  Why?  Because this way there are more chances to get votes from other than your own friends.

What info about myself do I have to provide as a participant and as a voter?
The bare minimum.  For participants, your photo and an email so I can contact you at some point.  For voters, nothing.  I am not collecting emails, phone numbers or other PII.  No mass communications.  Not into sending you or selling you stuff.  You come to my stuff when you find something interesting.  Already thousands of you do that, without me having to be annoying.

Do I have to be included in the Zug Photo eBook?

Do I have to be your photographer for that “WOW” project?
No.  I am not even saying that the winner will be chosen for this, because it is also a matter of chemistry and interest from your side.

How will you choose the winners?
You will choose the winners.  By the number of unique votes per photo.  And I will have to live with that.  And I like it this way.

I have submitted two photos.  Can I win two rewards?
No. However submitting 2 photos gives you more chances to win, because your friends and contest voters might like more one of your photos.  Your best photo (with the most likes) will count.  Let's make more people happy.

My question was not answered what do I do?
Was it about the meaning of life?  Still looking for it myself.  Try Oprah.  If it is related to the Zug photo contest, just send me a message.  Or ask in the comments on FB or IG.  I answer everything.