OVERVIEW - Open till end September

You know it by now that whenever there is a big happening in the Canton, you capture it with our phones and cameras and I pull all your shots and memories together first in a contest and then in videos and Instagram stories and facebook posts.  You know it, you love it, you support it and I THANK YOU or this.  So we will do the same again.  This time for the Schwingfest of August 23rd.  If you want to know more about it, then this link will enlighten you nicely.  The theme also for this photo contest remains the same: capturing memories, moments of fun, togetherness, celebration.

What to submit?  Anything that speaks to you.  The players, the performers, the ladies of honor, your friends, your family, etc.  Anything memorable for you and your loved ones.  Anything that made you feel proud, happy, fortunate, excited, impressed.  Focus on the feeling, the moment, the energy.  There is beauty in everything.

schwingen esaf



esaf prizes(based on the number of votes)

No 1. Hoodie + Shirt + T-shirt

No 2. Hoodie + T-shirt

No 3. Shirt

No 4. T-shirt

No 5. T-shirt


How do I upload my photo? 
On Desktop it is obvious: it says "UPLOAD PHOTO". On Mobile, you have to click on the MENU Tab with the 3 little parallel lines (Under the Zug Photo Contest title). From there it is easier than ordering a Starbucks coffee.

How do you know that the photo is from this year's Schwingfest in Zug?
I do not.  You do.  And that is all that matters.  Since I started zug.rocks, trust has been the basis of our interaction.  And this will not change now, not ever.

Does it have to be a brand new photo never published before?
No.  Just pick one from your IG, FB, PI or your childhood album.

How many votes can I give?
One per photo per 24 hours.  But you can vote for several photos and you can come 24 hours later and vote again.  Because there are always new photos to appreciate.

Can it be a photo I’ve taken with my phone?
As long as it is of good quality.  Why?  Because this way there are more chances to get votes from other than your own friends.

What info about myself do I have to provide as a participant and as a voter?
The bare minimum.  For participants, your photo and an email so I can contact you at some point.  Plus your facebook and/or Instagram, so I can give you credit in social media.  For voters, nothing.  I am not collecting emails, phone numbers or other PII.  No mass communications.  Not into sending you or selling you stuff.  You come to my stuff when you find something interesting.  Already thousands of you do that, without me having to be annoying.

Why are you asking for my facebook and Instagram?
So I can tag you when I share your photos after the end of the contest.  Unless you do not want, so do not provide them.  It is all about you.

How will you choose the winners?
You will choose the winners.  By the number of unique votes per photo.  And I will have to live with that.  And I like it this way.

I have submitted two photos.  Can I win two rewards?
No. However submitting 2 photos gives you more chances to win, because the voters and the judges might like more one of your photos.  Your best photo (with the most likes) will count.  Let's make more people happy.

What will you do with my photo?
All or some of the below.  If you have an issue with any of the below, pls flag it:
- include it in videos that will summarize the contest
- share it in social media, always giving you credit
- potentially include it in an e-book or actual book with Zug photos.

What if my question was not answered?
Email me or message me or catch me downtown (downtown used loosely for Zug).  I will do my best to answer it.  I respond to all comments anywhere.  If your question is too difficult for me, then I will forward to God, who I have on Twitter.  After that, you are on your own.



Participants must be 18 years of age or older at the time they enter the Competition. Participants younger than 18 are required to obtain parental consent to enter the Competition and leave their personal information.
Participants will entry the competition by entering a picture and completing the form at the UPLOAD link. By submitting said photo, participant declares that he/she is the author and owns all copyright on the picture.
There will be no communication costs or any purchase required in relation to your entry of the Contest. This doesn’t include your own costs of communication related to an internet subscription.

The Contest can exclusively be entered in accordance with article 1.
Two sets of winners will be selected in the following manner:
- based on the votes received by website visitors and
- based on the decision of an expert panel.
The winners will receive an email at the e-mail address they have provided when sending the photo. The results of the Contest will be announced on our website within 90 days after the term reported in Article 1.6.
We will contact the winner via email and are authorised to pick another winner if he/she does not respond within 1 week hours. In such a case the rights of the previously picked winner will expire.
The Prize will be delivered in person in Zug.  Any shipping costs are subject to the recipient of the Prize.
This Prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash.

To be determined.

ZUG.ROCKS reserves the right to disqualify participant without having to provide a reason in case it suspects the entry of being fraudulent or misconduct.
ZUG.ROCKS. reserves the right to disqualify an entry without having to provide a reason in case the participant breaches the rules of these Terms and Conditions or law.
ZUG.ROCKS has the right to reject entries that do not meet these Terms and Conditions.
ZUG.ROCKS reserves the right to end or amend the Competition Prizes, definitions and any other information, or to cancel this Competition at any time without prior notice.

ZUG.ROCKS respects the privacy of participants. I shall ensure that all personal information is provided to us in accordance with the applicable privacy law. When entering the competition you are asked to enter your e-mail. The personal information is used to deliver the Prize to the winner of the Contest. We may provide personal information to third parties in case this is needed to deliver the Prize.

You hereby grant and assign to ZUG.ROCKS the entire copyright and intellectual property rights in and/or arising from your entry and your involvement in the Competition in all media and technology.